Social Media: What NOT to do‚ĶPart Deux

Or why discretion is the better part of valor…

social media mannersDuring a recent LinkedIn group discussion about the best social media platform for an author’s business, a couple of commenters began attacking one another. Fortunately, they didn’t hijack the conversation, but any helpful feedback they provided was diminished by their tit-for-tat commenting. In my opinion, they each exhibited immaturity and were unprofessional– a big turnoff.

Like email interactions, the intent of social media posts don’t always translate well and people on the receiving end become immediate psychics– knowing the mind and meaning of the emailer or poster. It can, and often does, get ugly. In this instance, they may lose business, opportunities and/or respect.

LinkedIn is a professional forum and as such, it requires a higher degree of decorum than other SM platforms.

The positive side is that this exchange (and others like them) can expose an attitude or disposition that can be taken as a red flag to stay clear. It is safe to assume, someone who is quick to anger or defensive in a benign post about social marketing tactics is someone who will likely exhibit the same with you or on behalf of your business.

You are your brand and if you want to have an impact and have people pay attention to what you have to say or offer, restrain from engaging in attacks — even if you are being attacked. Withdraw, disengage and don’t indulge your lesser angels.